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Locally Fallen Clouds

I've always had zany ideas that burst out of an insignificant moment like a rabbit darting out from beneath a tree. It's been one of the trademarks of my personality, as anyone who's known me for some length of time can attest.

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time to game

It's probably not an accident that I think the best time to be a gamer is right now, two years after I finished school. Naturally I have the time and funds to afford this expensive hobby. Yet, it really seems like we're entering a new golden age of video games. Here's my take on why and how.

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Return, and Hannibal

When it comes to blogging and social media in general, I had a weird autumn. No blog posts, fewer tweets than usual, and less Facebook activity. Maybe it was just being busy in general with a few things - Alberta Association of the Deaf (I'm their new Secretary!), finding a new home, work being extra busy - but I stopped blogging and disliked every week that went by without a post. Now I've realized it isn't an issue of not having enough time. I do have the time - I watch Netflix and play Wii U almost every evening! I think it's a simple case of needing a good stretch of time to let my life settle into a new pattern, and that new pattern is starting to emerge in my mind, conveniently as 2015 turns into 2016.

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