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Deaf Alberta Expo 2015

The Deaf Alberta Expo, known as DAE, occurs every few years to usually coincide with the anniversary of either EAD (Edmonton Association of the Deaf) or CAD (Calgary Association of the Deaf). This time, the big number was 80 for the Calgary Association of the Deaf's anniversary.

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A Note

This was a humbling moment from this past Saturday. I was waiting to get my finger x-rayed at a clinic after pinching it in a car hatchback door, and a middle-aged man gave me this. We exchanged a few grateful nods before I got called by the front desk.

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Hue Can't Even

Years ago, I bought the pun-intended brilliant Philips hue lights when they first came out, and they have lit my bedroom since. I have dozens of light recipes (combinations where each bulb has a preset colour and brightness that you can trigger with a tap), alarms for waking up peacefully to artificial sunrise, and geolocation so I can just walk out and know they'll turn off after I'm one hundred metres away, and turn back on when I return. As a bonus, they use 80% less energy than regular bulbs and are supposed to last 12 years. I love them.

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