We know our relationship is going to last because I've gone 13 months without becoming annoyed at Andrés' continual references to Into the Woods.

He mainly references the movie version from a couple years ago, but over time has become something of a preeminent expert on the history and annals of Into the Woods. I didn't even know it was originally a Broadway production until he told me.

If you mention beans - any sort of bean in any sort of context - he will invariably sputter, "Beans - beans! Special beans! I didn't know! I let him go! He stolen my beans!"

If I'm giving directions while he's driving and say, "Straight ahead," he'll definitely segue into what mother told him about not delaying or being misled.

Heaven forbid you mention going somewhere. He'll chirp that you must get home before dark.

Anyone would get tired of this after weeks. I haven't yet. It just doesn't bug me. I can't explain why it doesn't. I know if it was any other person, any other circumstance, I would have already blocked them from Facebook to Snapchat.

We just work that way.