Thinking about Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black, though, I’m seeing how much deeper it went into the character stories. More complex and real.

In a way, it was all about how women can change. Seasons 1 and 2 kind of focused on how women can be strong and weak, but this went further.

Strengths and weakness are somewhat inherent, built into a person. Season 3 was more about choice.

Women can be evil. Women can be good. They can be every kind of moral grey in between.

Women can choose a new religion. Women can reject religion. Women can love their mothers or hate them.

Women can get a makeover, or they can refuse to wear makeup.

Women can have children. They can give those children to others, or keep them to raise.

Women can choose not to have children. Women can choose abortion. They can choose to make new friends and protect others.

Women can choose to isolate themselves, or be a mother to whoever needs it. Women can choose death if they so wish.

Women can step to the top of the hierarchy. They can choose to stay at home if they prefer.

And as the ending of Season 3 showed, women can also very well choose to jump into a goddamn literal lake if they so please.

  • This was a series of tweets sent out after the end of the season, edited for this post. Follow me at @TemporalThinker for bad movie livetweets, daily insights, and more.