year two thousand sixteen fifteenth of february

This has been quite the month and half. I don't want to patronize my readers with a faux introspection of my life, since most of it is mundane and thus immediately relatable for most. So I'll stick to a simple list of what has happened. Treat this as it is: a mere status update.

Moved into new apartment with boyfriend and best friend. Clear view of Legislature. Cut 15 minutes off my commute to work.

Got a new 55" HDTV and wood-crafted table to go with it. Worth every penny. Doubly so when watching The Good Wife, my current Netflix poison (second half of season 1).

Started learning Spanish. About 100 words/phrases mastered. Memrise is my go-to app, but some odd discrepancies that Andrés has found means I'll try Duolingo to see if their translations are more accurate. Example: Memrise taught me that "increíble" means "awesome," but it really means more like "unbelievable." Similarly hyperbolic, but very easily used in the wrong way. To be honest, I'm wary of letting go of Memrise because of how insanely successful my learning has been with its unique reiterative method that uses a few different modes - match words, type the right word, or build a phrase from a collection of random words. It works really well for me.

Faced the reality of helping manage a volunteer organization, (Alberta Association of the Deaf - I'm the Secretary. It's been a while since I mentioned it. Not sure if you remember or forgot) Holy crap. It's hard. Not kidding. Not complaining. It's just hard. Learning tons, and extremely thankful for the mentors I get to work with.

Celebrated 11 months with Andrés. Officially the longest relationship I've had. Confidently hoping for many, many more years.

Learned that people don't subscribe to flyers. They just get delivered to your address automatically. A big reality-questioning WTF moment for me. Seems like something that would have been made illegal years ago. I recycle the flyers we get each week. Tried to track down how to get our address removed from whatever lists there are so they print less. No luck.

Been afflicted with a sore throat for 3 weeks now. Got antibiotics the first day, and took them for 10 days as instructed, and saw zero improvement. Must be a different strain than they thought. Going back tomorrow for a second check up.

Wrote this while Andrés vacuums the place. I think he's done now, so we're going to check out the fun at the Legislature. Happy Family Day, everyone. Walk and roll slowly.